End of year -- Grade Three for Information Literacy Curriculum

Name_____________________________ Date _________

                   Can use beginning strategies in a research model
  Beginning Developing Secure  


Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Atlas, Reference book, Atmanac, Thesaurus


Knows, can define basic resources



Selects an appropriate basic resource

Search Strategies

Checks: Spelling, Meaning, Indexes and tables of contents, Last names, Keywords; knows to do it Again then ask for help

Knows basic search strategies

Search Strategies



Exhibits use of basic search strategies

Search Strategies

Spelling and Alphabetical order

Exhibits ability to use effectively

QueSPER Research Plan

Question, Search, Produce, Evaluate, Reflect

Knows components of research plan


Conclude and report

Student can take notes & create simple bibliographic citation.

Evaluate and reflect

Is my work complete, correct comprehensive?

How can I do it better next time?

Student can define and exhibit behavior associated with concepts

Carol J. Fox, 2002

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