Name _______________________ Date ________My topic is __MERCURY_____________________________

What do I  know? (Write known facts here.) What do I want to know? (Write questions here.)
 Mercury is a planet____________________________

Mercury is in our solar system.___________________




 Has anyone ever gone to Mercury?________________

 How big is Mercury?________________________

 What is Mercury like? Is it hot? What is it made of?  How far away is Mercury from Earth? or from the Sun?

Why is it called Mercury?________________________

Can I see Mercury in the sky at night?

Look at each of your questions.  Circle the keywords in each question.  Be sure you know what the words mean and how to spell them.  Put your topic KEYWORDS in the center circle below.  Put brainstormed and other words in the circles around the center circle.  Words in italics are KEYWORDS. Can you think of other words?


                              SKY                                                                              SPACE TRAVEL         



 OTHER  KEYWORDS                                 

                              PLANET                                                                   SOLAR SYSTEM


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