QueSPER Information Literacy Curriculum

Grade Two

Teaching Goal: Help student strengthen alphabetic and categorizing skills

The student will:

  • Review concepts from Kindergarten and Grade 1.
  • Read, listen, talk, work with others.
  • Recognize ways recorded information is organized: Alphabetical Order, Numerical Order, Subject Order, and Author Order.
  • Recognize ways information is stored: fiction & nonfiction, trade books & reference books: dictionaries & encyclopedias.
  • Develop knowledge of the way resources are retrieved: spelling, categories (e.g. Dewey categories) key words.
  • Develop knowledge of selection interests and choices: ways to make good choices when selecting resources.
  • Develop knowledge of resources for specific purposes: Dictionary & Encyclopedia.
  • Develop knowledge of searching for resources: Using an index, a catalog, guide words, guide letters, guide numbers.
  • Develop knowledge of the research process: Introduction to QueSPER (The Research Process): Question, Search, Produce, Evaluate, Reflect.
  • Continue connection between home and school learning.
  • Increase knowledge of personal independence and responsibility in using the LMC.
  • Increase knowledge of computer as a tool for learning (parts of computer, beginning programs, beginning production, and beginning web site investigation).

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