QueSPER Information Literacy Curriculum

Grade Three

Teaching Goal: Help students develop ability to use  a research model

The student will:

  • Review kindergarten, 1 and 2 grade curriculum.
  • Use an index, a catalog, guide words, guide letters, guide numbers, an encyclopedia article, an atlas, an almanac, a web site to find information
  • Use alphabetical order, numerical order, and subject order, section order (fiction & nonfiction, Dewey categories) to find information
  • Use beginning search strategies: SMILKA (spelling, meaning, index, last names, keywords, do it again, then ask) to find information
  • Recognize a research process:  QueSPER: question, search, produce, evaluate, reflect.
  • Develop relationship between student questions and information to be learned (e.g.: characteristics of types of animals; basic questions in geographical exploration and culture examination; characteristics of types of habitats; fundamentals of living in the United States).
  • Develop beginning strategies for note taking.
  • Develop beginning strategies for reporting, reflecting, and self-evaluating.
  • Develop beginning strategies for citation of sources.
  • Increase awareness of relationship among home, school, and community
  • Increase knowledge of personal independence and responsibility in using the LMC.
  • Develop knowledge of computer as a tool for learning (parts of computer, programs for production, web site investigation, online encyclopedias, and dictionaries).

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