QueSPER Information Literacy Curriculum

Grade Five

Teaching Goal: Develop students' ability to create research plans and evaluate information

The student will:

  • Review curricula of previous grade levels
  • Focus on development of good questions.
  • Use SMILKA independently.
  • Use RACER strategies. Develop beginning knowledge of evaluation of information using the following terms: RELEVANT - ACCURATE  - CURRENT (up to date)-  no Evidence of BIAS OR DISCREPANCY -  RELIABLE
  • Focus on strategies for note taking and source citation.
  • Use PROBE strategies: Use search strategies based on information type, source, location and subject: including interviews, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, periodicals, biographies, and other references sources.
  • Use PROBE strategies. Develop deeper knowledge of using a computer to search for recorded information (dictionaries, computer catalog, web sites, and indexes for periodicals, indexes in encyclopedias, atlases and trade books).
  • Focus on strategies for reporting: e.g. sorting, selecting, and synthesizing and good writing practices.
  • Develop deeper knowledge of using a computer to create products using templates, word processing programs, and electronic presentation programs.
  • Develop deeper knowledge of structure for citation of sources.
  • Develop student's ability to create self-evaluation and reflection rubrics
  • Develop connection between home and school learning
  • Increase knowledge of personal independence and responsibility in using the LMC.
  • Develop knowledge of computer as a tool to help us learn (parts of computer and network, file management, word processing programs, publishing programs, web site investigation, presentation program, production activities).

Carol J. Fox, 2004

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