QueSPER Information Literacy Curriculum


Teaching Goal: Help broaden each student's background knowledge

The student will:

  • Develop knowledge of personal independence and responsibility in using the LMC.
    • Develop knowledge of the procedure for checking books out and returning books to the library.
    • Develop the concepts of borrowing and returning.
    • Develop knowledge of staff, areas of center, and using a shelf marker
    • Develop connection between home and school learning.
    • Develop ability to work with others in a library environment
  • Develop knowledge of three types of books (Picture books, read-to-myself books, and information books).
    • Develop knowledge of facts (pieces of information that help us understand).
    • Develop knowledge of information books (books that present facts).
    • Develop knowledge of fiction books (books that contain made up stories)
    • Distinguish between fact and fiction
    • Develop knowledge of characters in books, their stories, and their creators: authors and illustrators.
  • Develop knowledge of storage & retrieval methods for three types of books (Picture book, read-to-myself book, information book).
    • Recognize color coded sections: Yellow section (E), Pink Section (PF), Green section (NF)
    • Recognize that numbers and letters have meaning
    • Recognize that numbers and letters have order
    • Search using colors, numbers, and/or letters to find information
    • Search using picture clues to find information
  • Develop knowledge of the parts of a book:
    • Recognize cover, spine, spine label, title, author's name, illustrator's name, publisher's name, title page.
  • Develop knowledge of research process by working on student-generated research questions.
    • Meet Research Bear (QueSPER) Acronym for Question, Search, Produce, Evaluate, Reflect
    • Focus on asking questions with modeling from teacher of search, produce, evaluate, and reflect.
    • Match pictures of animals and use websites or books to extend knowledge.
  • Develop knowledge of computers as tools to help us learn
    • Recognize parts of computer
    • Recognize some keys on keyboard
    • Practice hand placements
    • Use basic programs and websites

Carol Fox, 2004

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