Student Assessment Rubric        NAME:

MY WORK:                  Does Not Meet          Meets                      Exceeds
 is Complete  

I didn't finish.




I couldn't find some things.



I wrote in complete sentences.


I have answered all the questions.

I wrote sentences and or paragraphs and used correct punctuation.

I cited my sources.

is Correct I didn't check my work. My time ran out. I have checked my work so that I know I didn't forget something. I have checked to see that more than one source says the same thing.

I cited my sources.

is Comprehensive I found and wrote down very little information (one word or one idea). I wrote in complete sentences. I found and wrote down more than one idea on some of the questions. I found a lot of facts on each question., check them, and included them in my report.

I cited my sources.

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