Activities for Water Birds, Birds of Prey, Flightless Birds

1. Match the picture to the replica, then select one animal and print and color the printout.

          2. Printout Birds Worksheet 1  and label each animal. Select a kind of animal to research.   

              Find other animals in the same category. Use a Research Template for your grade level.

Water Birds Birds of Prey

Eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, vultures and condors

Flightless Birds
EL Great Egret Q Eurasian Griffon Vulture EL Ostrich

Meriam-Webster Dictionary

EL Brown Pelican EL Turkey Vulture EL Rhea
EL White Swan EL Peregrine Falcon Q Humboldt Penguin
Q Cormorant EL Bald Eagle EL Rockhopper Penguin
Q Domestic Goose  Q Andean Condor EL Emperor Penguin

Tropical Birds, Game Birds, Song Birds   

Prepared 8/04/2006

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