Persian Cat

Do Persian cats make good pets? Persians are gentle, relaxed, and quiet. They like to be groomed and petted.  They are an indoor cat.
Do they have long hair or short hair? Persians have long hair.

 It must be brushed every day.

What do they look like? Persians have a flat face.

They have short ears.

They have fluffy long fur.

What colors are they? They can be any color.

Some colors are black, white, golden, silver, and shades of grays or tans with white.

What patterns do they have? They can have any pattern. Some are tabby, three colors, and two colors,
What do they eat? Cats are carnivores. They eat meat.
How long do they live? 15 to 20 years or more.
How much do they weight? 9-12 pounds


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