Animals Encountered by Lewis and Clark

    Pictures for Educational Purposes Only   

Bighorn Sheep


 Diamondback Rattlesnake Coloring Picture


Grizzly Bear

San Antonio Zoo




Tundra Swan (Whistling Swan)

Swan Coloring Picture



Picture from Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary

American Bison

White (Tundra) Wolf Color Page


      Mountain Lion


Lewis and Clark discovered the Desert Cottontail

Cottontail Rabbit Coloring Picture


Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel

Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel

Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel

EL Bull Snake or Gopher Snake Printout

Bull Snake






Harbor Seal



   Beaver      Western Hognose Snake



Black-tailed Prairie Dog Coloring Picture

     Red-Tailed Hawk     

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk Coloring Picture



North American Porcupine Coloring Picture


Whooping Crane

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