Match the picture to the replica.

Live in tropical regions of Asia and Africa.

Pangolins' backs are covered with large, overlapping scales made up of hairs that stick together (horn).

A pangolin has a very long tongue; it is as long as its head and body together.

Pangolins are toothless.

When in danger, pangolins curl into a ball to protect their underside which does not have scales.

Some pangolins live in trees (arboreal); others live on land (terrestrial).

Can close their ears, nose and eyes to keep ants out.


Insectivores: feed mostly on ants.



Prepared 1/26/2007

Replica animals by Schleich, Bullyland and Safari

*Source: Myers, P. 2000. "Pholidota" (On-line), Animal Diversity Web. Accessed January 26, 2007 at

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