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Bats are the only flying mammals.


Big Bats


Small Bats


Indian Flying Fox

Animal Diversity Website - Educational fair use granted.   David Behrens, photographer.

Livingstone's Fruit Bat

Livingstone’s Fruit Bat Pteropus livingstonii in Bristol Zoo, Bristol, England.
An alternative name is Livingstone's Flying Fox.
Lives in the Comoro Islands near Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Eats fruit, leaves and flowers.
Wingspan 1.4 metres.
Photographed by Adrian Pingstone in September 2005 and released to the public domain.

Vampire Bat

Animal Diversity Website - Educational fair use granted.   ASM Mammal Image Library.


Most big bats are herbivores; they feed on fruit, pollen, nectar. Most small bats are insectivores; some small bats are carnivores.

Pictures for educational purposes only.

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