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Q - Native American Student Research Study Sheet

Questions to Ask Yourself


Where is the place?


What is/was it like there?


Who lives/lived there?


What do/did they do there?


How do/did they live there?


How did they get there?

Use Atlases, Maps                                    Use Almanacs, Encyclopedias                        Use Almanacs, Encyclopedias, Trade books     Use Almanacs, Encyclopedias, Periodicals     Use periodicals, encyclopedias, Trade books Use history sections (Dewey: 900s)

S - Search Helps

bulletCheck the search helps of any new database or search engine
bulletUse Basic Strategies : (SMILKA) Spelling, Meaning, Index, Last Name, Keywords, Try Again
bulletUse Advanced Strategies
bulletSearch using both singular and plural words
bulletSearch using words and/or phrases
bulletSearch using Browse commands (Library Databases)
bulletDiscover the subject headings
bulletLibrary of Congress
bulletSearch on multiple keywords
bulletSearch for people with one name and/or titles by the name (e.g. King Philip search for Philip)
bulletUse Bibliographies and Fiction to better understand
Key Words
General Terms


bulletNative Americans
bulletIndians of North America
bulletFirst People
bulletAmerican Indians
More Specific Terms


bulletNames of Tribes: e.g. Sioux, Comanche, Hopi, Navajo, Powhatan
bulletNames of Indian Nations: e.g. Iroquois Federation, Oneida Federation, Ojibway
bulletLocate by geographic area: e.g. Indians of North America—Eastern Woodlands; Indians of North America--Great Basin; Indians of North America--Pacific Northwest; Indians of North America--Pacific Coast; Indians of North America--Southwest; Indians of North America--Southeast; Indians of North America--Great Plains
bulletNames of Chiefs or other notable people: e.g. Pocahontas, Geronimo, Maria Tallchief, Hiawatha
bulletNames of events in history: e.g. Battle of the Little Bighorn, Lewis and Clark Expedition; Black Hawk War

P- Production Helps

What To Do What Not To Do
Take notes using a Notetaking System Do not copy
Keep track of your references
Cite your references accurately

E - Evaluation


Who said it?

What proof is there of the person's knowledge base?

Accuracy and Currency

When was it written?

Are there discrepancies with other information you have found?


Who is an expert?

What do the experts say?

R - Reflection

Read with care Look up words you don't know
Ask yourself what you have learned If what you are reading does not make sense, look for more background information
Notice discrepancies Stay focused
Ask yourself what questions remain

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