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Biographies of Notable American Indians 

Big Foot (??-1890) --leader of the Miniconjou band massacred at Wounded Knee Creek in 1890.

Black Hawk (1767–1838) --Chief of Sauk tribe: leader of Sauk & Fox Indians in Black Hawk War.

Crazy Horse (1849-1877) ---Oglala Sioux chief

Dorris, Michael (1945-1997) --Modoc (ancestry) --author:  Morning Girl

Erdrich, Louise (1954-    ) --Ojibway-Chippewa (ancestry) --author: The Birchbark House

Gall  (1840-1894)  --Sioux chief

Geronimo ( 1829-1909 ) Apache war leader

Chief Joseph (1840-1904) --Nez Percé chief

Pocahontas (circa 1595-1617) --Powhatan peacemaker

Popé (??-1692) --Pueblo medicine man

Powhatan  (1547-1618) --Powhatan chief

Red Cloud (1822-1909) --Oglala Sioux chief

Sacajawea (1790?-1812 or 1884) --Shoshone interpreter

Sitting Bull (1831-1890) --Sioux chief

Wovoka (1856-1932) --Paiute religious leader; also known as Jack Wilson


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