Preschool-Kindergarten Program and Projects

1.    Broadening Knowledge: Children in preschool and kindergarten enjoy discovering information using their senses. They enjoy asking questions and learning new facts. They enjoy the independence of choosing their own books. Using these three concepts as a base, our preschool teachers have developed a relationship with the library information center that allows students to learn where their books are located by color code, how to work at a "Research Table" and how to be specific in their questioning. Kindergarten Research Template Research Table Projects:  (See  #1)                     

2.    Broadening Knowledge: Using a library is a new skill for many preschoolers and kindergartners and their parents. We send a letter home at the beginning of the year to help families understand the responsibilities that go along with borrowed books. To ease them into the order and systems of the library we Color Code the Library sections:   (We concentrate on red, blue, and yellow for kindergarten)             









Primary Nonfiction Primary Fiction Picture Books Nonfiction








A-Z by author


A-Z by author


000-999 B

A-Z by subject





A-Z by title


A-Z by author

3.    Creating Independent Learners: It isn't any secret why students achieve more when they have a library (well-stocked and well-staffed) in their schools. Frequent Independent Check Out provides children with time and opportunity to explore and deepen their interests.

4.    Developing Literacy: Taking time to read aloud to our youngest students every day is a big challenge, but we do it and love it. It gives us time to introduce children to classics, authors, areas of the library, topics to explore, alphabet books, favorite books, fiction, nonfiction, picture books, reading books and more. We plan it out for the year, but are not rigid about sticking to our plan every day if something else comes up. This year we will base our program on the books on Illinois'  Monarch Award Nomination List.

5.    Linking Technology with Knowledge Development: Children in small groups, learn names and classifications of animals, match pictures with replica animals, and match pictures with pictures online.


  Familiar Animals


Hoofed Mammals 

   Sea Mammals

6.  Linking Technology and Literacy: (A new feature for us) Children will use these online programs to practice on the keyboard and match sounds and alphabet letters. (Not wealthy, so we had to create our own).


under construction

  under construction

Match Sounds and Letters of the Alphabet

Practice Keyboarding Skills Letter by Letter



Alphabet Letters

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