Primary Solar System Activity Sheet

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Match cards with the order of the planets




Write the names of the planets in order from the sun

1st closest _________________

2nd closest _________________

3rd closest _________________

4th closest _________________

5th closest _________________

6th closest _________________

7th closest _________________

8th closest _________________





Read or look at a book on the sun to answer this question:

The sun is a star.           True  or False




Put the Styrofoam balls on the poster to match the size of the planets. (Ex: Put the largest ball on the largest circle.)

Which planet is largest? ____________________

Which planet is smallest? ___________________

Earth’s size is < Saturn’s size.   True    False

< means “less than




Make a constellation. Use a template, stars and black paper.




Draw a picture to show something about the solar system. Use the back of this paper.




Put the cards in the “Astronomy Info “ pack into categories.




Find a book about the solar system on the library shelf. The Dewey Number is:   523 or    PN523


  9 Pluto is now called a _____________ planet.

a. pink           b. hot              c. dwarf                                                 (Write the correct word in the box.)

  10 Go to "QueSPER Online" on the computer. Click on PLANETS. Read about a planet and tell one fact you learned.  


















Draw your picture about the solar system here.

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