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** Resources in MMS Library            R - Rockford Association          I - Illinois Association

Politics & Government

Chisholm, Shirley (U. S. Congress Representative)

Jordan, Barbara (U. S. Congress Representative) **

Marshall, Thurgood (U. S. Supreme Court Judge) **

Powell, Colin (U. S. Secretary of State)**

Black Soldiers in the Civil War **




Angelou, Maya (Writer and Poet)  **

Brooks, Gwendolyn (Poet) I

Hansberry, Lorraine (Playwright) I

Hughes, Langston (Poet) I  **

Hurston, Zora Neale (Writer & Storyteller) **

Wheatley, Phyllis (Colonial Poet) **

Wilson, August (Playwright)

Arts & Sports

Anderson, Marian (Opera Singer)

Armstrong, Louis (Jazz Musician) I  **

Bonds, Barry (Baseball Player) **

Dunham, Katherine (Dancer & Anthropologist) I **

Ellington, Duke (Musician)

Fitzgerald, Ella (Jazz Singer) **

Jackson, Mahalia (Gospel Singer) I

Joplin, Scott (Composer) **

Jordan, Michael (Basketball Player) I **

Joyner-Kersee Jackie (Track and Field Athlete)**

Owens, Jesse (Athlete and Olympic Star) **

Ringgold, Faith (Artist) **

Robeson, Paul (Actor and Advocate) **

Robinson, Jackie (Baseball Player) **

Winfrey, Oprah (Actress and TV Personality) I

Woods, Tiger (Golfer) **

Civil Rights

Bunche, Ralph (Civil Rights Leader) **

Douglass, Frederick(Former Slave & Abolitionist)**

Jackson, Jesse (Civil Rights Advocate) I **

King, Coretta Scott (Civil Rights Advocate) **

King, Martin Luther (Civil Rights Leader) **

Malcolm X (Black Muslim) **

Parks, Rosa (Bus Boycott in Mississippi) **

Terrell, Mary Church (Civil Rights Advocate) **

Truth, Sojourner (Former Slave and Abolitionist) **

Tubman, Harriet (Underground Railroad) **

Wells-Barnett, Ida B. ( Against Lynching) I **





Science & Education

Bethune, Mary McLeod (Educator)  **

Carver, George Washington (Scientist)  **

Washington, Book T. (Educator)**

William, Daniel Hale (Heart Surgeon and Hospital Administrator) R **

Woodson, Carter G. (Historian) **

Business & Inventors

Matzeliger, Jan Ernst **

McCoy, Elijah **

Morgan, Garrett A. **

Woods, Granville T.  **

Walker, Madam C. J. **


Explorers & Adventurers

Coleman, Bessie (Aviator)  I **

Love, Nat (American Cowboy)

Henson, Matthew (North Pole Explorer) **

Slaves & Slaveholders

York & William Clark (Lewis & Clark Expedition) I

Lewis Lemon & Germanicus Kent** R (Founders of Rockford) with Thatcher Blake


John Henry **

"Wiley and the Hairy Man" **

The Dark Thirty **

The People Could Fly **



Authors for Young People

Curtis, Paul Christopher **

Greenfield, Eloise

Hamilton, Virginia **

Lester, Julius **

McKissack, Patricia **

Myers, Walter Dean **

Taylor, Mildred **

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