Citation Station

1. Books

One Author

Bird, Caroline.  The Two-Paycheck Marriage: How Women at
    Work Are Changing Life in America.  New York:  Rawson,
Michener, James A.  Sports in America.  New York:  Random
    House, 1976.
Two Authors
Cutlip, Scott M., and Allen H. Center.  Effective Public
    Relations.  5th ed.  Englewood Cliffs:  Prentice, 1978.
Three Authors
Aiken, Michael, Lewis A. Ferman, and Harold L. Sheppard.
    Economic Failure, Alienation, and Extremism.  Ann
    Arbor:  U. of Michigan Press, 1968.
More Than Three Authors
Bailyn, Bernard, et al.  The Great Republic:  A History of
    the American People.  Lexington:  Heath, 1977.
Corporate Author
American Red Cross.  Standard First Aid and Personal
    Safety.  2nd ed.  Garden City:  Doubleday, 1979.
Edition After the First
Grout, Donald Jay.  A History of Western Music.  3rd ed.
    New York:  Norton, 1980.
Barnet, Sylvan, Morton Berman, and William Burto, eds.  An
    Introduction to Literature.  7th ed.  Boston:  Little,
Story or Article From an Anthology
Bond, Nelson.  "The Voice from the Curious Cube."  100 
    Great Science Fiction Short Stories.  Eds.  Isaac
    Asimov, Martin Harry Greenberg, and Joseph D. Olander.
    New York:  Doubleday, 1978.  172-75.
Laborit, Henri.  Decoding the Human Message.  Trans.
    Stephen Bodington and Alison Wilson.  New York:  St.
    Martin's, 1977.
Sheehy, Gail.  Passages:  Predictable Crises of Adult Life.
    1976.  New York:  Bantam, 1977.
        Note: The original hard-cover edition was published a year earlier than this paperback version.
Zimmern, Alfred.  American and Europe and Other Essays.
    1920.  Freeport:  Books for Libraries, 1969.
A Work in More than One Volume
Odell, George C. D.  Annals of the New York State.  15 vols.
    New York:  Columbia UP, 1927-49.
        Note: The multi volume work was published over a period of years.
Sandburg, Carl.  Abraham Lincoln:  The War Years.  4 vols.
    New York:  Harcourt, 1939.
        Note: The work consists of four volumes published in the same year.
A Work in a Series
Bebout, John E., and Ronald J. Grele.  Where Cities Meet:
    The Urbanization of New Jersey.  New Jersey Historical
    Series 22.  Princeton:  Van Nostrand, 1964.
        Note: To cite a volume number AS WELL AS page numbers of a multi volume work,
        separate the two by a colon and a space: (Wellek 2: 1-10). Use neither the words
        "volume" and "page" nor their abbreviations.
Gilin, John Lewis, et al.  Social Problems.  3rd ed.
    Century Social Science Series.  New York:  Appleton,
Green, Otis Howard.  The Literary Mind of Medieval and
    Renaissance Spain.  Introd.  John E. Keller.  Studies
    in Romance Languages.  1.  Lexington:  UP of Kentucky,
        Note: A separate author wrote the introduction.