Citation Station

2. Magazines and Newspapers

Unsigned Article

"Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs."  Southern Living  Feb.
    1980:  17-71.
        Note: As a rule, the names of months except May, June, and July are abbreviated.
Daily Newspaper
"Study Labels Alcohol Fuel as Threat to Food Supply."
    Dallas Times Herald 16 Mar. 1980, sec. A:  14.
        Note: When not part of the newspaper's name, the city's name should be given in
        brackets after the title.
"Firms Hope to Begin Trade With Japan."  Plain Dealer
    [Cleveland, OH] 1 Apr. 1991, sec. B:  10.
Weekly Magazine or Newspaper
Clark, Matt, Sharon Begley, and Mary Hager.  "The Miracles
    of Spliced Genes."  Newsweek 17 Mar. 1980:  62-71.
Munro, Julie W.  "A New Elitism in China?"  Chronicle of
    Higher Education 28 Nov. 1977:  3-4.
        Note: No period is used with the question mark (or with an exclamation point) after a
Monthly Magazine
Frohlich, Cliff.  "The Physics of Somersaulting and
    Twisting."  Scientific American Mar. 1980:  154-64.
Journal - Continuous Pagination
Wurmser, Leon.  "Drug Abuse: Nemesis of Psychiatry."
    American Scholar 41 (1972):  393-407.
        Note: The pages of the journal issues are numbered continuously throughout each
Journal - Separate Pagination
Grahan, Loren R.  "Concerns about Science and Attempts to
    Regulate Inquiry."  Daedalus 107 (1978):  1-21.
        Note: The pages of each issue of the journal are numbered separately. An issue
        number follows a volume number, separated by a period: NEA JOURNAL 55.3 (1966):
"Elections in Rhodesia."  Editorial.  San Francisco
    Chronicle 5 Mar. 1980:  64.
Book Review
Wolfe, Alan.  "Turning Economics to Dust."  Rev. of Free to
    Choose:  A Personal Statement, by Milton and Rose
    FriedmanSaturday Review 2 Feb. 1980:  35-36.
        Note: Sometimes a magazine article is printed on pages that are separated by other
        articles; for example, the first part appears on pages 137-139, the last on pages 188-
        203. In such a case, give only the first page number followed by a "plus" sign: 137+.