PROBE is a an acronym to help young information seekers remember more advanced techniques and more in-depth resource possibilities when searching for information.

Periodicals - Magazine and journal articles are one of the best ways to locate current information on a topic rapidly.  Today, online and other digital periodical databases are readily available in libraries and at home.  Most of these have require a fee for access.

Real People and Real Places - Access to real people who can help you may be as close as your neighbor's house.  One of your parents may be an expert, or your Great Uncle Harry.  Remembering to check with others is an important sources of information.  Using the places in your community can also be a help.  Every place from the public library to a museum center to the local bakery are sources from which you can gather information. 

Online Sources - Websites and other Internet sources can be extremely valuable and timesaving.  The key to using websites is too check for accuracy against other sources and to investigate the credentials of the website creators. 

Boolean Searches -  A Boolean search is an advanced searching techniques that allows you to put two or more words together for a broader or more narrow search.  Most search engines and sites with search capability will teach you how their search engines work.  Practice a little and use them.  They can save time.

End Notes and Bibliographies - At the end of articles, books and websites, the authors usually will tell you where they found their information.  These can be valuable resources for finding more information for your own searches and studies. 

Carol Fox, 2003

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