History of the Americas to 1776


 Prehistory   Native People  Explorers    Colonies   Independence

The Inuit from Kids' Site of Canadian Settlements

Inuit Information Sheet

Inuit :  Written by Kids for Kids

The Inuit: from Houston North Gallery: Nova Scotia

Cabot, John

The Explorers: John Cabot and his son Sebastian

Who was John Cabot ?- The Italian-American Website of New York

John Cabot - Thinkquest

John Cabot: Mariners' Museum (Select Exploration through the Ages)


Timeline of Plymouth Colony: 1620-1692

The Plymouth Colony: Info for Kids

The Pilgrim Story: Pilgrim Hall Museum

Life in Plymouth Colony by Jill S. Norris (Copy and paste into Google)


    Columbus, Christopher

Famous People: Christopher Columbus - BBC

Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Empire

The Columbus Navigation Homepage

Christopher Columbus: The Mariners' Museum



The 13 American Colonies: Pennsylvania Social Studies for Kids

Colonial Pennsylvania-US History EText

The Making of the 50 States: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania: The Quaker Colony (Britannica)


    Smith John

Captain John Smith - Jamestown Rediscovery

John Smith: A Founder of Jamestown - EnchantedLearning.com

Virtual Jamestown

Captain John Smith by Dennis Montgomery: Colonial Williamsburg Journal.


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