Animals from The Trek  

by Ann Jonas. Greenwillow, 1985.

Animal Replica  Animal Replica
Alligator             American                     Yes
Alpaca                Yes Peacock                Indian Blue
Bongo   No Pig                          Yes
Camel                 Yes Porcupine     No
Cassowary    No Python                        No
Elephant             Yes Rhinoceros            Yes
Fish                     Yes Sea Lion                Yes
Giraffe                 Yes Sheep                    Yes
Gorilla                 Yes Spider                    Yes
Hippopotamus   Yes Swan                      Yes
Koala                  Yes Tiger                       Yes
Leopard              Yes Turkey                    Yes
Lizard                  Yes Turtle                      Yes
Monkey               Yes Vulture                    Yes
Moose                 Yes Warthog                 Yes
Orangutan         Yes Water Buffalo No
Oryx                   Yes Yak No
Ostrich               Yes Zebra                    Yes

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